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Wat Asokaram Finland

Welcome to Wat Asokaram Finalnd Vipassana Meditation Center ry in Finland by forest monk traditional.

Locate : Huvilatie 22 ,Lohja

Our Project Plan 2020

Training your mind to be in calm statement and learn how to use wisdom.

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How meditation deployed alongside Buddhist principles and rituals that exist within the Bhävanä framework.

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Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

Controls Anxiety

less anxiety
  • reduced symptoms of anxiety disorders
  • such as phobias
  • social anxiety
  • paranoid thoughts
  • obsessive-compulsive behaviors

Reduces Stress

hormone cortisol
  • improve symptoms of stress-related conditions
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • fibromyalgia
  • inflammation-promoting chemicals

Well Being

decreased depression
  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • improved self-image
  • May Reduce Age-Related Memory Loss
  • increased attention, memory
  • more positive outlook on life

Improves Sleep

fell asleep sooner
  • stayed asleep longer
  • help relax your body
  • releasing tension
  • placing you in a peaceful state
  • control the "runaway" thoughts that can interfere with sleep

Stress reduction is one of n the most common reasons people try meditation

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